Coca-Cola Polar Bowl

In 2012, Coke asked us to bring back the Polar Bears for the Super Bowl.

What we came up with was a fully integrated campaign that featured 2 Polar Bears, one rooting for New York and one for New England, who watched and reacted to the game in real time.







For the entirety of the game, my partner and I digitally “puppeted” the Polar Bears via a game system we built. The Bears’ reactions to every play and every commercial were streamed live to









Our TV spots were synched up to our digital livestream. We produced multiple versions of each spot and ran the appropriate version depending on what was happening in the game.

During the first quarter, The Polar Bear rooting for the underdogs (NY) let his nerves show in our first spot.







In the second quarter, New England was behind, prompting our New England Polar Bear to step out for some fresh air.










And finally, in the third quarter, New York lost their lead to New England. Our New York bear responded accordingly.









By the end of the game, millions of viewers had tuned in to watch with our bears.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 4.04.33 PM.png

"Superstition" :30

"Catch" :60

"Arghh!" :30


CW: Me AD: Chris Thurman // CD: Hal Curtis, Jeff Gillette