KFC Space Sandwich

KFC's Zinger chicken sandwich is already world famous, so there's only one place left to go. And that place is space. We sent a chicken sandwich to space. Yes this is real.

It all started off with a TV announcement from our new Colonel Sanders, played by Rob Lowe.

"Announcement" :90

Then, with the help of a very talented team of engineers at Media Monks, we built the most sophisticated bucket-shaped space vessel the world has ever seen. Not only was it able to successfully protect our beloved Zinger chicken sandwich from the harsh elements of space, but it could wave a flag, receive tweets from Earth and take selfies. For reals.  

Next, we had to make sure the Zinger itself could survive the conditions up in the stratosphere, so into an altitude chamber it went.

Just before launch, Colonel Sanders addressed the nation about this historic event.

And just like that, it was time for launch. And by "just like that" I mean it took months and months of insane amounts of work and meetings where complicated things like trajectory and omnidirectional microwaves were discussed (turns out, that's not a microwave that can cook things in every direction.) Without the help of our partners in space flight, World View Enterprises, this would have been much, much less cool.

Just after sunrise on June 29, 2017, chicken sandwich space travel history was made.

And the Colonel held a second press conference to announce the good news.

"Press Conference" :30

AD: Devin Gillespie // CD: Jason Kreher, Eric Baldwin