Nike Original Series: Margot vs Lily

In the winter of 2016, we launched Nike's first ever web series, Margot vs Lily. The series told the story of 2 rival sisters: one is a fitness obsessed YouTube star and the other, an exercise-averse party girl. They make a bet on New Year's Eve that each sister can't do what the other does. And then a bunch of really sad burpees ensue.

In addition to creating 8 series episodes, we also launched Lily's YouTube fitness channel, Lily Ninja Fitness. Each one of Lily's fitness vlogs featured workouts from the Nike Training Club app while also tying into the plot of the series.

In just 2 months, Margot vs Lily garnered millions of views, a slew of features in the press and a Gold Lion for Entertainment. It also sold a whole bunch of yoga pants.

Check out the campaign video for the cliffs notes version. Or watch the full episodes below!

Campaign Overview

Episode 1: "Resolutions"

Episode 2: "Beginners"

Episode 3: "Dancers"

Episode 4: "Trolls"

Episode 5: "Breakthroughs"

Episode 6: "Games"

Episode 7: "Favorites"

Episode 8: "Winners"

CW: Me, Darcie Burrell // AD: Patty Orlando // CD: Alberto Ponte, Ryan O'Rourke, Dan Viens