KFC The Original Colonel's Original Recipe

There's no one more qualified to sell KFC's Original Recipe fried chicken than KFC's original Colonel Sanders. The only problem is that he died in 1980. But not before creating a vast amount of marketing material just waiting for us to pillage.

Each spot in our Original Recipe campaign was created using archival footage featuring original Colonel Sanders himself. We updated the footage by recreating sets, rewriting VO, casting some new actors and relying heavily on the genius minds at Method Studios to help us restore and manipulate the existing film. And all so that the original Colonel Sanders could continue to spread the good word about his Original Recipe fried chicken. It's still finger lickin' good.

“Original Colonel Sanders” :30

“Today’s Teens” :30

“Portable Dinner” :15

“Airport” :15

“Firehouse” :30

CW: Me AD: Devin Gillespie // CD: Jason Kreher, Freddie Powell